Happy Presidents Day to the City of Uhland.

I would like to invite everyone to all of the City of Uhland meetings.

Your City is a diamond in the rough and we look forward to creating a thriving community.

  • Update on Funds to repair and mitigate future impacts from flooding.
    • FEMA and the State of Texas is currently working on our request for funds
    • We have submitted a Grant request for additional funds to improve drainage.
    • We are preparing to repair the Cotton Gin road with current budget funds available to remove the hazard from the roadway.
  • Last night we approved a development plan for Cotton Gin Estates to be developed on the property at the corner of Cotton Gin road and Plum Creek rd.
  • There is a public hearing for the proposed changes March 16, 2015 and April 6, 2016 for voluntary annexation and zoning changes from agriculture to (PD) Planned Development.
    • Proposed Annexation of land at corner of Cotton Gin and Plum Creek requested by the developer.
    • Proposed zoning changes for same land at corner of Cotton Gin and Plum Creek.

I would like to reiterate my previous message about the exciting growth that is coming our way and the opportunities and challenges we will face in the coming years to support this growth.

  • We have requested a grant to assist is in the cost of creating a transportation plan which will outline the road improvements and additional roads needed to support the increase traffic we are sure to receive.
  • We continue to look for ways to increase city services like Waste water that will improve the quality of homes and development coming to the area.
    • Agreement with Walton to provide a connection the Waste Water plant they will build once they start the development of Caldwell Ranch.
  • New grant is being processed to upgrade the water line on Cotton Gin East of Plum Creek Rd.

Thank you for your time and support.

Mayor Bryan Geiger